Stressful Business

You may or may not know that I am the co-creator and co-owner of Buddha Performance. For the last almost year my husband and myself have worked on our brand and getting it to where it is today.  While I am so proud of how far we have come, it’s has been and still is stressful.  So I wanted to talk about how I have dealt with the stress while growing a business!

If you don’t know anything about Buddha Performance let me fill you in.  We are a yoga and meditation lifestyle company with products that promote a positive and healthy life.  We want to keep the importance of being mindful and physical at the top of our priorities, so my stress release has stayed in line with our core values!  

I have found that my best stress release has been simply taking a couple deep breathes when feeling overwhelmed.  Focusing only on my inhale and exhale for 1 minute will make a huge difference.  So starting there is always my go to.  Doing a deep meditation isn’t always easy to do when you’re working on something so this is a great way to take a minute to refocus on what needs to be done.  And as a stay at home mom on top of building a business I have found that I am normally doing way more than I need to at once and this makes me stop everything when everything is too much.

Which brings me to my next point.  You can either do 100 things at once and barely get anything done, or you can focus on one or two things at a time and get them done sooner and more effectively.  I think this applies to any situation, not only when running a business.  We live in a world that we have to be doing so many things at once or we don’t feel satisfied.  Keeping it simple will keep the stress down some.  So take a step back and figure out what needs to be done first and do that and only that.  

Of course it wouldn’t be right for me to not include yoga.  When I am busy it is harder for me to do as much yoga.  Most of the time I don’t do a lot at once.  I will do little 5 to 10 minute flows through the day and if I have time I will do a longer flow after the kids are in bed.  But I think the most important thing you can do is not stay in the same spot for hours at a time.  Stretch in your chair if you can’t get up (Chair Yoga above), but if you can get up and move around get a little yoga in.  Try a couple forward folds, crescent moons, standing backbends, anything that you can to move and get a little stress relief.  

I can’t run a company that is focused on being healthy and taking care of yourself if I don’t do the same for myself.  Stress can easily take over and some days are harder than others, but I know that I am in control and I will do what it takes to continue doing what I need for myself to make sure I am able to take care and help others.

Now tell me what you do as a stress release?  I can’t wait to hear from you and I hope this gives you some ideas!


30 days of yoga

What would happen if you did yoga every day for 1 month?  What would happen if you decided you are going to make a public announcement that you are going to do it?  Will that make you stick with it?  Or will you just delete that announcement and act like it never happened when you just don’t feel like doing it anymore?

Well on June 1st I made an announcement saying I would be doing 2 yoga challenges for the whole month.  That day I decided I needed some way to be accountable with a daily practice and to make sure I did yoga everyday.  I wanted to have something to push me into new poses and add to my practice.  And that’s exactly what it did.  

1 of the challenges were hosted by 2 very advanced yoginis (@weirdomandys & @carleebyoga on instagram) that do most of their practice inverted so I knew this one might be a little more than my normal day routine, but it is a challenge so I was excited to learn from them.  They also had weekend guest host so that broke it up a little as well.

The other was a mix of 4 host.  One that is more of a beginner level (@louiscsnow), one that loves splits (@jennyg2bfit), one that is almost always inverted (@arcierojoe), and the other one had very broad range in her practice (@yoga_at_a_glance).  I knew I would get a ton of different styles with this one so I was excited for this one as well.

I knew it was going to be hard to do a long practice everyday, but making sure I did some yoga everyday was the goal.  If I didn’t get any done through the day, as soon as the kids were down I would clean up and start.  

Some days I would get 5 minutes in to stretch and take my pictures and other nights I would practice for 45 minutes to an hour.  But something was better than nothing.  So as long as I got on the mat everyday I was happy.

It stopped feeling like something I had to fit in and more of just something I did.  Making it a habit and not a chore.

I started to feel better the days after I had longer practices.  Not only my body, but less stressed as well.  I sleep better and when you have a baby that hates sleep, the sleep you do get is even more important.

In the two and a half weeks since the challenges ended I have let my practice drop a little because of massive yard work to clear for a fence and I can feel it.  My body now needs yoga.  It needs to be stretched and pushed to the next level and I am so excited to get back into it more.  I can’t wait to have my yoga area in the yard to escape to and start sharing more of this beautiful practice I have feel in love with.  

I can not recommend doing a challenge enough.  It’s nothing but encouragement and will open you up to so many new things and variations.  Don’t be scared to try.  Be proud of where you are in your practice and be eager to learn more.  You are right where you need to be in this moment and you will be even better tomorrow!  


How I started doing yoga


I have yet to take a yoga class.  To be honest I am scared to take one.  I can mess up 1000 times in my house and no one will see me, but I can’t hide my fails in a class full of people.  But what if it’s a small class?  Well then I’m worried the teacher may focus on me because I’m not as good as the others and I get embarrassed super easy when it comes to stuff like that.  And there is also the setback of how much a class cost.  All the classes around me are in the $20 a class range and while that isn’t that bad,  I wouldn’t be able to do that a couple days a week.  Maybe if they had free daycare, but that isn’t a thing.  So how do I practice?  I have really found all I have needed so far on Youtube and instagram.  I have watched so many videos and step by step guides on how to do poses without paying anything (other than Yoga Burn program).  I hope to one day be able to take classes and my dream is to someday become a teacher which will obviously take at least 200 hours of class, so if I ever want those dreams to come true I will end up in a class.  But I wanted to show you that you don’t have to go that route if it’s not where you want or can be at the moment.

So I am going to list some of the things that I have tried and continue to use to grow my yoga practice.

I found Zoe Bray-Cotton the creator and owner of Yoga Burn on Facebook.  She has a fitness program designed using faster paced yoga.  She was doing a week long core challenge with daily videos explaining what poses would target the area where we most have problems with (as I hold my hand up!)  She is so positive, uplifting, and has no problem laughing at herself.  She had no problem answering any questions people had on videos and was very involved with her page.  After the challenge was over I decided to order her program and I use it a good bit (not as much as I should, but I try to get it in at least once a week.) She has done 1 other challenge, post videos of her flows, other workouts to add onto your yoga practice, and about her diet.  She is pretty active on her Instagram @yoga.burn and she is pretty responsive on there as well when you send her an DM.


I also go to PsycheTruth Youtube channel a lot.  They have a ton of great videos for every type of yoga you are looking for and most are under 30 minutes.  If you want a full body practice or are looking for a way to get that kink out of your neck from sleeping wrong, they have it all and tell you in the title what it’s for.

I have a ton of yogis on my Instagram and I find inspiration in looking through their post, but I have some that I would love to be even a tiny bit as good as they are.  Most of them have been practicing for many years and some only a couple.  But they are so passionate about it and you can see their love for it everyday.  Just a couple of my favorites are @gyspyon_ @the_southern_yogi @ladiboomyogini @tattooedyogimama @thegivingmom @barefootkerry @emiliasyoga @erinkellyart. Then there are so many group pages that share tons of different people that I could look at all day.  Just get on and look up #yoga or #yogi and you will find a ton of videos and poses that you can work on.  And don’t be afraid to google how to get into a pose.  I do it all the time!

I am in no way telling you to not take a class.  I am going to break out of my shell soon and do it, even if it’s just a mommy and me yoga class with my boys.  I know I need to take that next step, but I am a better person when I am prepared so doing it this way for now works for me.  I want you to know that you can get into it without paying a ton to find out if you even like it.  And don’t give up if it doesn’t go smooth the first time.  I mean what in life ever goes smooth from the start anyway?  Now go down dog while your animals are the only ones there to see.



1 Week of Yoga With My Toddler

Last week I set out to do yoga with my 3 year old everyday for 1 week and see what happened.  He is very on and off about yoga depending on the mood he is in, what time of the day it is, and what else is going on at the time.  So I wanted to see if I could get him to do it everyday, even if for only a couple minutes, and it was a success for the most part.  I wanted him to get excited about it and really enjoy doing it.  Not just doing it because I made him, so I tried to make it as fun and relaxed as I could.  Most of the days it was right before he went to bed, after the baby was down for the night (well, for a couple hours) and he was getting all the attention.

The first day we started out with these great videos that someone on Instagram told me about called Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.  They are great and I could not recommend them enough.  They got him super excited about doing yoga and couldn’t stop talking about it for days.  It’s basically a story being played out using yoga.  Its bright and colorful, the teacher is very energetic, and it’s so much fun.  We will be using these a lot from now on.  The baby was still up for this one, but he didn’t mind the moving around one bit. 

The next day it was all about him climbing all over me and he could not get enough.  He never passes up a chance to climb on me anyway so this was great for him.  After we were done he was actually pretty upset and had to be reminded that we would do more the next day, so that was a good sign.

We had a day of stretching and breathing.  This is not the easiest thing to do with a 3 year old.  He doesn’t really get the “breath in and breath out” thing, so it was “act like you’re smelling a flower and then blow like you are blowing out your birthday cake!”  It’s all about taking it to where they get it.

We also did poses as something he understood. Most poses are named something he understands like cat/cow and tree, but we did flying and sit like a frog too.  This makes it fun, silly, and playful.  I know he isn’t going to hold a pose for 5 breathes, but if I can make him associate it with something he knows he will remember it later on and think about how fun it was.  


Other than the Cosmic Kids Yoga we never tried to do any type of routine.  I didn’t want to fight him on anything so we would try different things and if either one of us was getting frustrated I would change what we were doing.  I think at his age it’s all about him getting excited and wanting to do it.  I don’t want him to ever feel like I am forcing him to do yoga.  I want him to find his own love for it.  I will give him the tools he needs, but he is going to have to build that love and enjoyment.  I have to show him how I feel about it and how it has changed how I feel about myself and I will either watch him grow up with yoga in his life or help him find what he is passionate about.  

Either way, I will know that I have shared my love for yoga with him and he has shown me in just one week that I am so much stronger than I thought and I can do so much more than I think I can.  But he has been doing that since the day I found out I was pregnant with him so I shouldn’t be surprised.  I am very thankful I got to do this with my Aidyn and I am excited to continue our yoga sessions.



I fell off the wagon


Some days you do good, eat salad, jog, and do yoga.  Other days you stress eat 3 curry chicken tacos, 2 donuts, and a couple chocolate covered strawberries.  

Last week was a bad week.  It started with the stomach flu that went through all of us.  It was awful.  The only upside was that I lost 2 lbs because I ate nothing, but that’s never a good way to lose weight.  It was followed by a late Valentine’s Day and it was a snowball effect after that, topped off with my 3 year old’s birthday party cupcakes.

So today is a fresh week and I am going to do better.  I am getting back to my Yoga Burn program and making sure I get my steps in each day.  DRINKING ALL MY WATER!  And eating better.  

What I really want to say is, just because I did so bad all week doesn’t mean I am done until January 1st.  Each day can be a start over.  You don’t need to wait til _____ (fill in excuse) to do better.  Get back on track and keep at it.  Do a little extra and make up for the time you lost.  Or just get back to what you were doing.  If what you were doing wasn’t working, try something new.  You are not locked into a fitness routine or diet.  Making changes if that’s what it takes to keep you going.  

I don’t know about you, but I get so sick of salads.  The one thing I know I need to eat the most and I get burnt out so fast on them.  So when I get to that point I change it up and eat veggies other ways.  It’s all about making it work for you and enjoying it.

I was thinking yesterday about how excited I am to do yoga again because my body has felt so sore this week without it and being sick didn’t help it at all either.  I would never think like that about doing weights or a crossfit workout.  That’s not what works for me, but I know what does and that’s what I look forward to doing.

So find what works for you and what you enjoy doing.  Forget about how bad you did last week and think about how much better you will feel at the end of this week.  Don’t beat yourself up and get moving!

I hope you have a great week and Namaste!     

1 month down


I can not tell you that I have done everything I wanted to everyday in the last month.  I can’t tell you that it’s so easy now that I don’t even have to try because that’s total bull shit.  I haven’t lost a ton of weight or dropped 3 sizes in a month.  It hasn’t been an overnight transformation with my body, but let’s talk about what has changed and what is working.

I will tell you first that I rely on my fitbit for most of my motivation.  I jog at 11pm because I need to get my steps for the day or it tells me when I haven’t got 250 steps in the hour and I have 10 minutes to get my butt up and do something.  It tells me how many calories I can eat depending on how active I have been so far that day.  I just add my food and water in throughout the day and it’s super easy to do.   I love this little thing and the app.


I have went from struggling to jog for 15 minutes to being able to get in 25 with no problem most days.  Yes that’s only 10 minutes more, but I can feel a difference and try to push myself a little more each day.  Jogging has been the one thing that I have been most consistent with.  If I don’t jog, I have walked a good bit that day or done some dancing to really get moving.  So jogging has been my most successful goal and I’m proud of myself for sticking with it as much as I have.


Now I believe that you can’t just change one thing and get the results that you want.  So on top of being active I try and stay under 1200 calories a day, but stay around 1000 most day’s.  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but I eat a good bit of the right foods.  And that’s what it’s really about, eating the right foods throughout the day so you don’t feel like you are starving between meals.  I try to go light for breakfast and lunch so I can have a little extra for dinner.  My suggested amount is about 1500 calories a day, but I normally have no problem staying under so I do and then when I do go over I don’t feel as bad.

I am not happy to say I am only doing yoga about 3 days a week.  Sometimes it’s only for about 10 minutes a day, but I feel so much better the days that I do and more at peace with how I feel.  I am still a very tired mom with a 7 month old that hates me (that has to be it because he is never happy and sleeps almost as little as I do) and a super energetic almost 3 year old.  I don’t know how I get up most nights when someone starts crying, but I do and the next day I need to feel as good as I possibly can and I feel yoga will help.  My goal is to do it 6 days a week and I hope to be there soon.


Meditation, well that’s not going so well.  It’s been really hard for me to carve out time when I am alone to do it.  I can do everything else when the kids are up if I need to, but meditating is not something that can happen with them.  I have to be more dedicated to this because I truly feel it’s one of the most important things I can do for myself.  As a mother and wife I seem to put myself so far on the back burner that I forget I need to take care of me so I can take care of everyone else.   I know this is such a huge problem with so many moms and stressed out, overworked people that don’t think they should take time for them, but YOU NEED TO!  You need to let go of all the crap you deal with and feel like a person again.  Go take a bath and put headphones in so you can’t hear the kids screaming in the living room.  Or go hang out on the front porch for a while.  Do what makes you feel good.  Just do something for you.  And I’m going to work on making time for me!

Now let’s get down to the numbers.  I have lost a grand total of 2 pounds and dropped 1 pants size!  Yea yea that’s not much and believe me, I wish it was a lot more.  But my stomach is flatter and I am able to wear things that I would only wear with my waist trainer to smooth everything out at Christmas.  So yes it’s only 2 pounds, but I am happy with how much my body has started to change.  My body has wanted to hang on to what I had left of my last pregnancy and I have the kid (screaming all the time), so I don’t want to look like I did right after I had him.  But I also know that it is going to take time and how I feel can not be put into numbers.  I have to keep going and I know I will get to where I want to be.  


So to recap for you, I am good at getting my steps, ok at yoga, I suck at meditation, I eat pretty good, and I am super tired all the time.  But I also feel better than I have in a long time and am slowly starting to like my body again.  

It’s going to take time, dedication and hard work, but I know it’s going to happen.  So here is to one month down and a lifetime to go.





Finding Balance


Right now I am struggling with fitting everything into my day that I want to do with my mental and physical health.  I find myself jogging at 11pm for 30 minutes to make sure I get my steps in after everyone is in bed.  Every night I think “I will get up early tomorrow and workout before everyone gets up”, but then I am up 3 times with the baby through the night and I feel like death every morning so that goes out the door.  I mean I have to sleep some too.  

So when do I get it all done?  Well today I jogged and did a quick workout after we all got up.  My husband was working in the office, I was in the living room, my toddler was running between us, and the baby was in the walker looking at me like I was crazy.  But I got my 20 minute jog in and I thought it was a great start to the day.  I should have no problem getting my steps in and I would just do a little yoga before bed.

Well here it is 9pm and I still have 2k steps to get, have 32 oz of water to drink (this is a struggle for me EVERYDAY!), yoga to do, and would like to meditate.  And that’s just what I would like to do for myself.  We still have to get both kids to bed, start a load of clothes, pick up around the house, and sweep the whole first floor.  It’s never ending and I always feel like I have only done about half of what I needed to.

Somehow I will figure out what I need to do so I have time for my stuff each day without feeling like I have neglected everything else to do so.  I try and include my kids as much as I can, but sometimes that just makes it 500 times more stressful because I am fighting with them to do it and just waste an hour and didn’t really get any workout in.  That’s not always the case, but getting a 3 year old and a 6 month old to do what you want and when you want them to do it is usually a fail.

So tell me what you do to make sure you get your workouts in and do everything else you need to do in a day?  How do you find balance?  Give me your feedback and let’s help each other!




Motivation is hard for me.  When you have a toddler that is like an Energizer Bunny and a 6 month old that cries or whines 75% of his time awake, you can feel the life in you drain out.  Don’t get me wrong I love them to death, but they will be the death of me.  My husband and I have talked about maybe having another and I just don’t know if I would make it to the oldest’s graduation if we had a 3rd.  I have no idea how people have 5 or 6 kids.  I would lose my mind in no time.  I would probably want to be taken to the loony bin to have some peace and quiet.  So thank the Lord for birth control and until I forget how stressful it is having a needy baby and a toddler at the same time it will be taken every night on the dot.  

But I’m getting off track.  Sorry, baby brain does not stop after you give birth.

Last week I had lost a pound!  I am not dropping my weight very fast, so a pound is a good thing for me to see.  That was last Thursday and on Monday I weighed again and I had gained the damn thing right back.  I have stayed at around 1000 calories a day, got my steps, jogged, all the stuff I have been trying to fit into my everyday routine and I gained a pound (WTF).  So today (Wednesday), I weighed again and look I gained another pound.  I wanted to throw my scale through the window.

Instead of giving up and saying screw it and going straight to Krispy Kreme Donuts right down the road with the “HOT” sign on and getting my free dozen when you buy a dozen I took the family to the aquarium, walked around the local tourist trap and went to the park to jog/walk before dinner.  I added a thousand steps to my goal each day and doubled my target active minutes a day.  Somehow I will get this weight off and keep it off by changing how I live.  Eat different and be active everyday instead of when I feel like it.



Right now, my main motivation is dropping 20 pounds and being happy with how I look.  It’s still hard for me to really enjoy working out everyday.  It’s hard trying to fit everything in between taking care of the kids and everything else that always needs to be done.  But I want to get to the point where it feels good to be active and feel better over all.

I find motivation in my family.  When my toddler rolls out the yoga mat and gets super excited to exercise with me it makes that workout a little easier even though I know he will only last about 2 minutes before he is off to do something else.  I want to be able to run around and play with them now and make it to be old and gray so I can drive them as crazy as they have made me through the years.  I want to show them how to live a healthy life and know that they are going to make it til they are old and gray.  It’s not just about me anymore, but I don’t want them to be without me so I need to take care of myself too.

And I find motivation in my friends.  I want to show them that they don’t just have to be ok with how much they weigh or feel when it’s affecting their physical and mental health in a negative way.  That just because you had a child and that baby weight didn’t just go away that it isn’t how you have to stay.  I want to be there for them when nothing seems to be working and figure out what will work for them or celebrate when they meet a goal.  But I need them to tell me when I’m doing good or when I’m messing up because I am far from perfect and we all need a friend that’s supportive when you are going through a big change.

So take some time to find what motivates you and feed off that.  When you need a little pick me up, go to what helps you.  Don’t be afraid or feel bad for where it comes from as long as it gets you up and going.  Do it for you when everything you do is for someone else.  Just do it.



3 days in!


When making a lifestyle change that you have planned for and thought about a lot, you go into it with enthusiasm and fire that drives you to really get to your goal.  The first day you go all in.  Making sure you hit everything you wanted to and feel great about it.  That was me January 1st.  I jogged for 25 minutes (in place in my living room and in little circles around my kitchen), I did 20 minutes of yoga, 20 minutes of dance workout videos, 5 minutes of guided meditation, and got my 9 thousand Fitbit steps.  I ate well and got my 64 oz of water drank with no problems and felt really good.  Now keep in mind that this is also on top of the everyday momma of 2 stuff and the nonstop cleaning that comes along with that.  I ended the day with writing down all I had done and how proud I was in myself for doing it.  It was a good day!

Now day 2 didn’t go as well.  It started with the baby waking up early and while he did go back to sleep, I stayed up and started my day with a 10 minute meditation, and a 15 minute jog while listening to my favorite Pandora station!  I was on a success high with how well my morning was going when my youngest woke up so we went upstairs to take a shower, gave him a bath before waking up my oldest to give him a bath.  We were doing great.  Had breakfast and cleaned the kitchen when I decided to take all the Christmas stuff down and that was pretty much where my success slowed down a whole lot.  But we got everything put away, I got my steps in and wrote before bed so it wasn’t a total loss.

Today I went into it wanting to at least do everything.  Well here it is 9 pm and I have jogged.  I am going to make sure I meditate, do some yoga, and get my last 2 thousand steps before bed.  But the point I want to make is that just because I didn’t do everything yesterday doesn’t mean I am giving up.  I still have to take care of my family and unexpected things are going to happen, but I’m not giving up.  I have to adjust my life to make it work every day and that takes time.  When I woke up this morning I weighed myself and I have lost a pound since starting, so I know it’s going to be worth it.  Hard work will always be worth it, so make the adjustments in your life that you need to and and I promise you will be happy with how you feel.

Find peace within yourself today and Namaste.