Stressful Business

You may or may not know that I am the co-creator and co-owner of Buddha Performance. For the last almost year my husband and myself have worked on our brand and getting it to where it is today.  While I am so proud of how far we have come, it’s has been and still is stressful.  So I wanted to talk about how I have dealt with the stress while growing a business!

If you don’t know anything about Buddha Performance let me fill you in.  We are a yoga and meditation lifestyle company with products that promote a positive and healthy life.  We want to keep the importance of being mindful and physical at the top of our priorities, so my stress release has stayed in line with our core values!  

I have found that my best stress release has been simply taking a couple deep breathes when feeling overwhelmed.  Focusing only on my inhale and exhale for 1 minute will make a huge difference.  So starting there is always my go to.  Doing a deep meditation isn’t always easy to do when you’re working on something so this is a great way to take a minute to refocus on what needs to be done.  And as a stay at home mom on top of building a business I have found that I am normally doing way more than I need to at once and this makes me stop everything when everything is too much.

Which brings me to my next point.  You can either do 100 things at once and barely get anything done, or you can focus on one or two things at a time and get them done sooner and more effectively.  I think this applies to any situation, not only when running a business.  We live in a world that we have to be doing so many things at once or we don’t feel satisfied.  Keeping it simple will keep the stress down some.  So take a step back and figure out what needs to be done first and do that and only that.  

Of course it wouldn’t be right for me to not include yoga.  When I am busy it is harder for me to do as much yoga.  Most of the time I don’t do a lot at once.  I will do little 5 to 10 minute flows through the day and if I have time I will do a longer flow after the kids are in bed.  But I think the most important thing you can do is not stay in the same spot for hours at a time.  Stretch in your chair if you can’t get up (Chair Yoga above), but if you can get up and move around get a little yoga in.  Try a couple forward folds, crescent moons, standing backbends, anything that you can to move and get a little stress relief.  

I can’t run a company that is focused on being healthy and taking care of yourself if I don’t do the same for myself.  Stress can easily take over and some days are harder than others, but I know that I am in control and I will do what it takes to continue doing what I need for myself to make sure I am able to take care and help others.

Now tell me what you do as a stress release?  I can’t wait to hear from you and I hope this gives you some ideas!