1 Week of Yoga With My Toddler

Last week I set out to do yoga with my 3 year old everyday for 1 week and see what happened.  He is very on and off about yoga depending on the mood he is in, what time of the day it is, and what else is going on at the time.  So I wanted to see if I could get him to do it everyday, even if for only a couple minutes, and it was a success for the most part.  I wanted him to get excited about it and really enjoy doing it.  Not just doing it because I made him, so I tried to make it as fun and relaxed as I could.  Most of the days it was right before he went to bed, after the baby was down for the night (well, for a couple hours) and he was getting all the attention.

The first day we started out with these great videos that someone on Instagram told me about called Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.  They are great and I could not recommend them enough.  They got him super excited about doing yoga and couldn’t stop talking about it for days.  It’s basically a story being played out using yoga.  Its bright and colorful, the teacher is very energetic, and it’s so much fun.  We will be using these a lot from now on.  The baby was still up for this one, but he didn’t mind the moving around one bit. 

The next day it was all about him climbing all over me and he could not get enough.  He never passes up a chance to climb on me anyway so this was great for him.  After we were done he was actually pretty upset and had to be reminded that we would do more the next day, so that was a good sign.

We had a day of stretching and breathing.  This is not the easiest thing to do with a 3 year old.  He doesn’t really get the “breath in and breath out” thing, so it was “act like you’re smelling a flower and then blow like you are blowing out your birthday cake!”  It’s all about taking it to where they get it.

We also did poses as something he understood. Most poses are named something he understands like cat/cow and tree, but we did flying and sit like a frog too.  This makes it fun, silly, and playful.  I know he isn’t going to hold a pose for 5 breathes, but if I can make him associate it with something he knows he will remember it later on and think about how fun it was.  


Other than the Cosmic Kids Yoga we never tried to do any type of routine.  I didn’t want to fight him on anything so we would try different things and if either one of us was getting frustrated I would change what we were doing.  I think at his age it’s all about him getting excited and wanting to do it.  I don’t want him to ever feel like I am forcing him to do yoga.  I want him to find his own love for it.  I will give him the tools he needs, but he is going to have to build that love and enjoyment.  I have to show him how I feel about it and how it has changed how I feel about myself and I will either watch him grow up with yoga in his life or help him find what he is passionate about.  

Either way, I will know that I have shared my love for yoga with him and he has shown me in just one week that I am so much stronger than I thought and I can do so much more than I think I can.  But he has been doing that since the day I found out I was pregnant with him so I shouldn’t be surprised.  I am very thankful I got to do this with my Aidyn and I am excited to continue our yoga sessions.