I fell off the wagon


Some days you do good, eat salad, jog, and do yoga.  Other days you stress eat 3 curry chicken tacos, 2 donuts, and a couple chocolate covered strawberries.  

Last week was a bad week.  It started with the stomach flu that went through all of us.  It was awful.  The only upside was that I lost 2 lbs because I ate nothing, but that’s never a good way to lose weight.  It was followed by a late Valentine’s Day and it was a snowball effect after that, topped off with my 3 year old’s birthday party cupcakes.

So today is a fresh week and I am going to do better.  I am getting back to my Yoga Burn program and making sure I get my steps in each day.  DRINKING ALL MY WATER!  And eating better.  

What I really want to say is, just because I did so bad all week doesn’t mean I am done until January 1st.  Each day can be a start over.  You don’t need to wait til _____ (fill in excuse) to do better.  Get back on track and keep at it.  Do a little extra and make up for the time you lost.  Or just get back to what you were doing.  If what you were doing wasn’t working, try something new.  You are not locked into a fitness routine or diet.  Making changes if that’s what it takes to keep you going.  

I don’t know about you, but I get so sick of salads.  The one thing I know I need to eat the most and I get burnt out so fast on them.  So when I get to that point I change it up and eat veggies other ways.  It’s all about making it work for you and enjoying it.

I was thinking yesterday about how excited I am to do yoga again because my body has felt so sore this week without it and being sick didn’t help it at all either.  I would never think like that about doing weights or a crossfit workout.  That’s not what works for me, but I know what does and that’s what I look forward to doing.

So find what works for you and what you enjoy doing.  Forget about how bad you did last week and think about how much better you will feel at the end of this week.  Don’t beat yourself up and get moving!

I hope you have a great week and Namaste!     

My Children


This past week I have been struggling to keep all this up.  I somehow messed my back up (probably from carrying my 22 lb baby around), I have had no energy, nothing makes the baby happy, and stress has been pretty high.  So you can say it hasn’t been the best week.  I have made sure to at least get my steps in with jogging and for the most part eating really well.  Yoga most days, but I have been so bad at meditating and I know I have to find a way to work that in.  If only just to feel at ease for a couple minutes after going crazy being with kids all day.  

But I have had a heavy heart about some things this week.  The world is stressed right now.  So much is going on and there is more negativity than anything.  Many are angry for reasons they have every right to be angry about and I am angry about a lot as well, but I feel it’s my job to protect my small children from all the bad.  Now I am not saying that they need to be pulled away from reality their whole lives, but my 3 year old doesn’t need to learn hate.  Because believe it or not, that’s how it starts.  We were not born with a closed mind to this thing or that.  At some point we heard that was bad and it stuck and I want to teach my children that they should always have an open heart and open mind.  They should give everyone the right to have their opinion and not put them down for it, but stand for the better good.  Know that we are all human and we all have to be good people to everyone.  Help people in need, even if you get nothing back.  Pick up that trash in the park even if you didn’t put it there.  Always say please and thank you, even when the other person is rude.  Those things could make someone else’s day better and if it doesn’t you still know that you did the right thing and be proud of it.

I also want to teach my children to be good to themselves.  Your body is a temple that should be taken care of every day.  You shouldn’t leave trash laying around your house, so you shouldn’t put trash in your body.  You don’t let your house fall apart, you work on it and make sure it’s in good shape and will last.  Same with your body, you can’t just lay around doing nothing or your body will fall apart.  

I see so many people give their kids junk food, sugar drinks and let them watch TV all day.  Well guess what? You are teaching them that it’s fine to not do anything.  Just because they are little and have an amazing metabolism right now does not mean they need that junk food or sweet tea.  You have to be an example to them now and only teach them good habits from the start.  You are their #1 teacher and they see everything.  And I’m not saying never let them have a birthday cake or a piece of candy, but be mindful of what you’re doing to them and ask yourself if that’s the best thing you could do for them.  If they see you eating well it won’t be as hard to get them to.

So I am doing everything I can to keep my kids healthy by cooking for them and not just stopping at the drive thru.  Crockpots and easy meals are my friends.  I meal plan a week at a time and do my best to stay away from packaged meals.  I only give my toddler water and juice (half water/juice) to drink.  I wish he would drink milk, but it’s not going to happen so I give him those vitamins in other juices.  I only feed my 6 month old baby food that I make.  I will start buying some baby food jars of fruits and veggies that are not in season or available to us, but he will not get any table food or “meat” baby food before a year old.  We don’t get the sweet cereal and I do not allow them to have any type of gummy snacks.  They are awful for their teeth and even though we brush their teeth that stuff isn’t coming off easy, so it’s not going to happen.  My toddler for the most part will not eat meat.  He can not take the texture, so I make stuff I can blend the meat in or make sure he gets his protein from something else like beans or eggs.  It’s not hard to make good decisions for yourself and your children.  They will thank you one day, I promise.  

I also try and get my son to either jog, dance, or do yoga with me each day.  He is an active kid, but I want him to see me being active with him.  It’s a little harder in the winter, but we find ways to get moving.  And that’s all it really takes with them.  Just move around and play.  Let them chase you around the living room or in the yard.  Go for a walk on the beach or at the park and let them see the world through experience and not through TV or the internet.  We don’t let our toddler have our phones or tablets unless we are somewhere that we need him to be still and quiet.  Yes he watches TV, but we limit it and don’t let him watch just anything.  I know it’s different now to when we were kids, but we are still the adults and we have to know when they need to step away from technology and go play in the dirt.  

All I’m really trying to say is do good to yourself, your body, other people, and show your children that it matters.  Teach them to care in everything they do, say, or put in their body.  Remember your body is a temple and you have to take care of it inside and out.

Please know that I am just a mom trying to give my children a healthy life.  I am not a doctor or a nutritionist.  I’m a mom that cares about my children’s well being and mindful souls.  




Motivation is hard for me.  When you have a toddler that is like an Energizer Bunny and a 6 month old that cries or whines 75% of his time awake, you can feel the life in you drain out.  Don’t get me wrong I love them to death, but they will be the death of me.  My husband and I have talked about maybe having another and I just don’t know if I would make it to the oldest’s graduation if we had a 3rd.  I have no idea how people have 5 or 6 kids.  I would lose my mind in no time.  I would probably want to be taken to the loony bin to have some peace and quiet.  So thank the Lord for birth control and until I forget how stressful it is having a needy baby and a toddler at the same time it will be taken every night on the dot.  

But I’m getting off track.  Sorry, baby brain does not stop after you give birth.

Last week I had lost a pound!  I am not dropping my weight very fast, so a pound is a good thing for me to see.  That was last Thursday and on Monday I weighed again and I had gained the damn thing right back.  I have stayed at around 1000 calories a day, got my steps, jogged, all the stuff I have been trying to fit into my everyday routine and I gained a pound (WTF).  So today (Wednesday), I weighed again and look I gained another pound.  I wanted to throw my scale through the window.

Instead of giving up and saying screw it and going straight to Krispy Kreme Donuts right down the road with the “HOT” sign on and getting my free dozen when you buy a dozen I took the family to the aquarium, walked around the local tourist trap and went to the park to jog/walk before dinner.  I added a thousand steps to my goal each day and doubled my target active minutes a day.  Somehow I will get this weight off and keep it off by changing how I live.  Eat different and be active everyday instead of when I feel like it.



Right now, my main motivation is dropping 20 pounds and being happy with how I look.  It’s still hard for me to really enjoy working out everyday.  It’s hard trying to fit everything in between taking care of the kids and everything else that always needs to be done.  But I want to get to the point where it feels good to be active and feel better over all.

I find motivation in my family.  When my toddler rolls out the yoga mat and gets super excited to exercise with me it makes that workout a little easier even though I know he will only last about 2 minutes before he is off to do something else.  I want to be able to run around and play with them now and make it to be old and gray so I can drive them as crazy as they have made me through the years.  I want to show them how to live a healthy life and know that they are going to make it til they are old and gray.  It’s not just about me anymore, but I don’t want them to be without me so I need to take care of myself too.

And I find motivation in my friends.  I want to show them that they don’t just have to be ok with how much they weigh or feel when it’s affecting their physical and mental health in a negative way.  That just because you had a child and that baby weight didn’t just go away that it isn’t how you have to stay.  I want to be there for them when nothing seems to be working and figure out what will work for them or celebrate when they meet a goal.  But I need them to tell me when I’m doing good or when I’m messing up because I am far from perfect and we all need a friend that’s supportive when you are going through a big change.

So take some time to find what motivates you and feed off that.  When you need a little pick me up, go to what helps you.  Don’t be afraid or feel bad for where it comes from as long as it gets you up and going.  Do it for you when everything you do is for someone else.  Just do it.



3 days in!


When making a lifestyle change that you have planned for and thought about a lot, you go into it with enthusiasm and fire that drives you to really get to your goal.  The first day you go all in.  Making sure you hit everything you wanted to and feel great about it.  That was me January 1st.  I jogged for 25 minutes (in place in my living room and in little circles around my kitchen), I did 20 minutes of yoga, 20 minutes of dance workout videos, 5 minutes of guided meditation, and got my 9 thousand Fitbit steps.  I ate well and got my 64 oz of water drank with no problems and felt really good.  Now keep in mind that this is also on top of the everyday momma of 2 stuff and the nonstop cleaning that comes along with that.  I ended the day with writing down all I had done and how proud I was in myself for doing it.  It was a good day!

Now day 2 didn’t go as well.  It started with the baby waking up early and while he did go back to sleep, I stayed up and started my day with a 10 minute meditation, and a 15 minute jog while listening to my favorite Pandora station!  I was on a success high with how well my morning was going when my youngest woke up so we went upstairs to take a shower, gave him a bath before waking up my oldest to give him a bath.  We were doing great.  Had breakfast and cleaned the kitchen when I decided to take all the Christmas stuff down and that was pretty much where my success slowed down a whole lot.  But we got everything put away, I got my steps in and wrote before bed so it wasn’t a total loss.

Today I went into it wanting to at least do everything.  Well here it is 9 pm and I have jogged.  I am going to make sure I meditate, do some yoga, and get my last 2 thousand steps before bed.  But the point I want to make is that just because I didn’t do everything yesterday doesn’t mean I am giving up.  I still have to take care of my family and unexpected things are going to happen, but I’m not giving up.  I have to adjust my life to make it work every day and that takes time.  When I woke up this morning I weighed myself and I have lost a pound since starting, so I know it’s going to be worth it.  Hard work will always be worth it, so make the adjustments in your life that you need to and and I promise you will be happy with how you feel.

Find peace within yourself today and Namaste.