30 days of yoga

What would happen if you did yoga every day for 1 month?  What would happen if you decided you are going to make a public announcement that you are going to do it?  Will that make you stick with it?  Or will you just delete that announcement and act like it never happened when you just don’t feel like doing it anymore?

Well on June 1st I made an announcement saying I would be doing 2 yoga challenges for the whole month.  That day I decided I needed some way to be accountable with a daily practice and to make sure I did yoga everyday.  I wanted to have something to push me into new poses and add to my practice.  And that’s exactly what it did.  

1 of the challenges were hosted by 2 very advanced yoginis (@weirdomandys & @carleebyoga on instagram) that do most of their practice inverted so I knew this one might be a little more than my normal day routine, but it is a challenge so I was excited to learn from them.  They also had weekend guest host so that broke it up a little as well.

The other was a mix of 4 host.  One that is more of a beginner level (@louiscsnow), one that loves splits (@jennyg2bfit), one that is almost always inverted (@arcierojoe), and the other one had very broad range in her practice (@yoga_at_a_glance).  I knew I would get a ton of different styles with this one so I was excited for this one as well.

I knew it was going to be hard to do a long practice everyday, but making sure I did some yoga everyday was the goal.  If I didn’t get any done through the day, as soon as the kids were down I would clean up and start.  

Some days I would get 5 minutes in to stretch and take my pictures and other nights I would practice for 45 minutes to an hour.  But something was better than nothing.  So as long as I got on the mat everyday I was happy.

It stopped feeling like something I had to fit in and more of just something I did.  Making it a habit and not a chore.

I started to feel better the days after I had longer practices.  Not only my body, but less stressed as well.  I sleep better and when you have a baby that hates sleep, the sleep you do get is even more important.

In the two and a half weeks since the challenges ended I have let my practice drop a little because of massive yard work to clear for a fence and I can feel it.  My body now needs yoga.  It needs to be stretched and pushed to the next level and I am so excited to get back into it more.  I can’t wait to have my yoga area in the yard to escape to and start sharing more of this beautiful practice I have feel in love with.  

I can not recommend doing a challenge enough.  It’s nothing but encouragement and will open you up to so many new things and variations.  Don’t be scared to try.  Be proud of where you are in your practice and be eager to learn more.  You are right where you need to be in this moment and you will be even better tomorrow!  


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