“Zen Pig” books and a little more


I am not a huge fan of fairy tales and off the wall stories.  I know kids need to be able to dream and use their imagination, but I think kids are also exposed to too much false hope and unrealistic lifestyles.  Too often we forget that they need to learn the very important simple things in life.  

Zen Pig by Mark Brown shows them just that.  Right now this is a 4 book series that each have their own lesson.  They talk about living in the moment and enjoying what is going on right now, being thankful for all we have and how important it is to be kind and loving to everyone and ourselves.  They not only teach my kids what really matters, but remind me to slow down and be thankful for what we have right now.  You will not regret these books and I hope to see more from them.  And for every book sold they provide the funds to give 10 people clean water for a year, which gives you even more reason to love these books.

I saw these books and couldn’t help think about how things are now.  I feel like everything is made to be all about the future and how to get to this or that, but I want to show my boys that it’s all going to go by so fast that they need to take the time to be present in this moment.  They need to take it all in and cherish the sounds they hear and the joy they feel.  I try and keep them away from TV and tablets as much as possible and outside playing in the dirt and learning about the world by being in it.  I want them to understand how to grow their own food and how important it is to take care of nature.  Not just how to play video games and watch Youtube videos.  

Finding ways to communicate this to them in a time that is always looking for everything to be bigger and better can be hard, but remember that they will remember going on hikes in the mountains or walks on the beach a lot more than they will remember playing video games.  And they will thank you for showing them what really matters when they grow up to be good mindful people.  Take the time to teach them the simple things.  They are the things that really matter.


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