Lets talk about Meditation


Back in November 2016 I was invited to do a 30 day meditation challenge that my husband was doing and I thought since we would both be doing it that we would be each other’s support system.  Well I made it 2 days and that was all she wrote.  He did great until we were out of town for the holidays and that can throw off anyone’s schedule.  Since the new year I have been trying to get a little in each day if only to have 5 minutes of peace.  My house is far from a quiet place to relax between a crying 6 month old that never seems to be ok with where he is unless he is in your arms walking around and an almost 3 year old that thinks he can do whatever he wants.  So how do I fit in meditation?  Well I wait til everyone is asleep most of the time or if a miracle happens and they both take naps at the same time.  I use a meditation app called “Insight Timer” and it’s free.  It has guided meditations or you can just use a timer.  I am not to the point where I can do it without a guide.  My mind goes 1000 different ways and it’s useless.  It has some guided sets that are only 1 minute long and up to an hour.  You pick what works for you at the time.  It gives me a much needed break and it relieves stress.  

Take time for you today and figure out what works for you.


2 thoughts on “Lets talk about Meditation

  1. Carrie,

    I’m glad you’re blogging about this. I’ve been working on taking that time too, since I got a promotion at work I’ve been running nonstop. Doesn’t compare to having kids, but I’m planning a wedding, trying to buy a house and pay off debt. My head is spinning. Half the time I’m in bed by 8pm when I used to be able to stay up until 11 at least. I’ll probably follow you on your journey for as long as I remember to. I’ve already cut caffeine out of my life, I can try adding something now.


    • Felicia,

      Planning a wedding and buying a house were probably some of the most stressful times of my life, so I understand 100% how you feel. Taking time for yourself is so important all the time, but especially when you have extra stress. Don’t feel bad for taking the time either. If there is anything I can do to help you please let me know. I’m still learning and miss more days than I do meditate, but it’s something I feel helps me balance everything and it makes me more mindful with what I do throughout the day. I am glad your here and I look forward to hearing about your progress.


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